The Haskell Family

The Haskell Family
December 2007

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Family Update

Long time, no post! So here's a Haskell Family Update...

We went to Sonoma in January for Beth Bruzzone's birthday and took this photo of the greater Haskell Family - pretty amazing group!

Jessica, Brandon and Kendall - see Sudweeks Family Blog
Kendall is growing fast and is going to come spend a few weeks with Grandama and Grandpa in May. Jessica is preparing for law school in the fall and is now deciding which scholarship offer to accept - tough choices as some great schools have invited her to attend. Brandon has continued to do well in the face of a tough market - he's smart and works hard!
Becca is expecting baby Boy Ashby in the late summer - and that's about all there is to say. Both Becca and Justin continue to work and Justin expects to start classes again soon. They'll be home for Easter and we can't wait to see them.

Richard has now been in Australia for one year - he is a senior companion, seems to be doing well and enjoys working with his companion, Elder Ulu. Time is going really fast for Richard right now and before he knows it, he'll be ready to come home.

Lauren is in her second semester at Itineris and doing well enough - she's on track to complete her associate degree at the same time she graduates from high school and most of her time is spent at school or doing home work. She did have a mishap a few weeks ago as she ran through a neighbors fence in our car. Bummer for Lauren - it will be a long time before she drives again, but on the good side, she now knows how to build and paint a fence. The only injury was her pride.

Bryan - Our nephew Bryan Jensen (Blaik and Jennifer Jensen's son) has been with us since January while attending BYU. Bryan returned home from his mission in Argentina in December and will head to Ireland to visit with his parents for the summer. It's been great to have him with us!

Leslie quilts, and quilts, and quilts. Honestly, she's been busy with work and projects at home and hasn't had a lot of time recently for much else. We both participated heavily in the Draper Temple Open House and Dedication and got to spend a lot of time as volunteers - what a beautiful temple!

Likewise, Rick has been busy with work, church assignments and school - he began a graduate program in economics last fall and will need to be focuses on that for several years. We enjoyed a dinner in our home on Friday for some of Rick's missionary companions and their wives, what a blessing it was to be with these great friends!

We're looking forward to a busy summer as we're expecting to have Kendall with us for a few weeks, are planning for a Haskell Family Reunion in Idaho over the July 4th holiday, expect to welcome Baby Boy Ashby by the end of July, will be hiking in the Uinta's in early August, and have plans to go to Catalina for a few days in mid-August. When school starts in late August for Rick, Lauren and Jessica we'll all be ready for a break.

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